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"Paid Apps Gone Free" (PAGF), is a new section on Ubuntu Vibes where we will post a list of paid Android apps that have gone free for a limited time. To know more about PAGFs, read our first post. Check out today's list.

* These apps were free when this list was posted. They may or may not be free when you actually access them at a later time as the promotions are only for a limited time.


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Sherman tank in furious battle
Live wallpaper shows Sherman M4 tank of WWII in furious battle in ruined town
4.2 50-100 January 6, 2017 No No

Guide to Xposed
Guide to Xposed-Supports all devices ( Android 5 and 6 only)
4.3 100-500 February 17, 2017 No No

Kairos Calendar
Kairos Calendar - the new way to see and share events.
3.8 50-100 December 31, 2016 No No

Black Light Icon Pack
Dark but bright - Like a black light!
4.7 10000-50000 June 1, 2017 Yes Yes

Planetscape 3D Live Wallpaper
Huge 3d space scenario will bring stunning 3d effect to your phone screen!
4.5 5000-10000 June 12, 2014 No No

SeesawPop Premium
Balance a scale by dragging animal shaped weights on a pan. (watch link video)
2.9 500-1000 May 17, 2017 No No

Spheroid Icon
*** Beautiful round icon with great texture and deep colors ***
4.8 10000-50000 June 10, 2017 No Yes

Ongoing PAGFs

Infinity Loop Premium
Immerse yourself into the world of the infinite beauty.
4.7 50000-100000 April 8, 2016 No No

Furry.FM Pro Player
The new Furry.FM Pro Player is here! Better than ever!
3.6 1000-5000 April 18, 2017 No No

Bubble Bubble Bremens
'bubble bremens' helps to child to developing vision,hearing and behavior .
4.4 1000-5000 March 31, 2015 No No

Fantasy Jungle
A wonderful jungle quest! Looking for secrets in the fantasy forest!
4.1 5000-10000 June 8, 2017 Yes No

IDareTo – Crush Social Anxiety
Crush your social anxiety with self-help challenges
Health & Fitness
4.2 1000-5000 June 8, 2017 No No

Variety - CM13/CM12 Theme
You have the choice which color you want!
4.8 500-1000 May 31, 2017 No No

Fairytale Kart Race (No Ads)
Fairytale Kart Race is an amazing mobile racing game
2.3 1000-5000 May 20, 2016 No No

[Substratum] Hybrid UI Theme
Hybrid UI Substratum Theme explores a variety of colors on your device
4.7 50-100 June 10, 2017 No No

Luzicon Icon Pack
White icons with transparency for your homescreen!
5 1000-5000 June 4, 2017 No Yes

Alarm Clock - Make own time
Make your own alarm by customizing time! Waking Alarm, Stop Watch also in here!
4.1 1000-5000 February 24, 2016 No No

3D Stonehenge Pro lwp
Amazing 3D live wallpaper with stunning Stonehenge ruins!
4.7 1000-5000 October 24, 2013 No No

Round Corners
Rounded corners of your display with smooth curves on round edges of the screen
4.6 10000-50000 May 28, 2017 No No

Gradient Zooper Theme
Gradient Widgets for Zooper
4.7 100-500 May 6, 2017 No No

Speedometer GPS Pro
Speedometer GPS Pro
4.3 10000-50000 May 9, 2017 No No

Survival Island Online PRO MMO
Stranded on an island — survive with your friends’ help in a new sandbox MMO.
3.5 1000-5000 October 17, 2016 No Yes

Dark Copper - Theme for Xperia
Probably the Darkest Theme for Xperia in the Market. Nougat Ready
4.6 1000-5000 January 15, 2017 No No

Terror Cave HD
TerrorCave VR for Daydream will reproduce effects of famous horror theme parks
3.8 500-1000 May 9, 2017 No Yes

Tɪɴʏ Tᴇxᴛ Keyboard
Write tiny text (smallcaps, superscript & subscript) in any android application!
4.4 5000-10000 January 6, 2017 No No

Vpn Hosts (no root)
1,no root use customized Hosts File on android2,support wildcard DNS records
4.9 100-500 May 4, 2017 No No

Denim Jeans Theme for Xperia
Put some Denim jeans on your Xperia!Designed with Theme Creator for Xperia
4.8 500-1000 December 28, 2016 No No

Вычитание и сложение до 10
Simple and intuitive application for preschool children.
4.2 500-1000 November 27, 2016 No No

Chibi Survivor Weather Lord
Control the weather and survive on floating islands!
4.6 50-100 June 9, 2017 No Yes

Stained Glass 3D LWP
Beautify your device homescreen with 3D Stained Glass!
3.9 1000-5000 December 1, 2016 No No

Very Bad Company
Are you tired of being a good person? It's time to avenge!
3.8 10000-50000 June 29, 2016 Yes Yes

3D Waterfall Pro lwp
Fully 3d jungle waterfall scene will provide you great mood during a day!
4.5 5000-10000 August 13, 2015 No No

Tibetan Bells pro
Relax reproducing the extremely realistic sound resonance of tibetan bowls bells
Video Players & Editors
3.3 5000-10000 August 3, 2016 No No

GPS Speed Pro
GPS Speed Pro
4.3 50000-100000 May 9, 2017 No No

A dyno for your pocket! It's a must-have for Vespa and Lambretta riders.
4.1 1000-5000 April 9, 2017 No No

Metal Detector PRO
Turn your Android into metal detector. Find metal with your device.
4.2 10000-50000 January 31, 2017 No No

Shiny Blue Gray for Xperia
Elegant Blue Gray Theme for your XperiaDesigned with Theme Creator for Xperia
4.4 1000-5000 October 23, 2016 No No

I Am Not Rich
I am NOT rich! I am poor!
3.4 1000-5000 May 31, 2017 Yes No

TL White Shadow
Theme for Launcher
4.2 5000-10000 June 6, 2017 No No

Cat Tractor Pro
Make your pets have fun and play and catching with the spot on the device
3.3 1000-5000 April 22, 2016 No No

QR & Barcode Scanner PRO
The fastest QR and Barcode scanner. Try it NOW!
4.7 100000-500000 May 10, 2017 No No

Ruby & Gold Theme for Xperia
A Classy Red Ruby Enameled Gold Theme for Xperia devicesNougat ready
4.7 1000-5000 November 8, 2016 No No

Gate Of Heroes
An epic medieval tower defense! Protect your empire with knights and heroes
4 10000-50000 June 2, 2017 Yes Yes

EJuice Calculator
Simple, Flexible and Accurate. The only tool you need for creating ejuice.
4.5 1000-5000 June 9, 2017 No No

Oscuro Icon Pack
Add darkness to your homescreen!
4.8 1000-5000 June 4, 2017 No Yes

Onirim - Solitaire Card Game
A Solo Game: Gather doors & escape from the labyrinth before the cards run out.
4.7 50000-100000 May 25, 2017 No Yes

ROYCE Icon Pack
This app contains only the ROYCE Icon Pack
5 100-500 June 6, 2017 No No

Ink Black Theme for Xperia
A Marshmallow style Black Theme. Designed with Theme Creator for Xperia
4.6 1000-5000 October 2, 2016 No No


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