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"Paid Apps Gone Free" (PAGF), is a new section on Ubuntu Vibes where we will post a list of paid Android apps that have gone free for a limited time. To know more about PAGFs, read our first post. Check out today's list.

* These apps were free when this list was posted. They may or may not be free when you actually access them at a later time as the promotions are only for a limited time.


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Arc - Icon Pack
850+ customize cool iron man iconSupporting multi-launchers
4.6 1-5 June 30, 2017 No No

Elegant Analog Watch Face
Need a simple, but Elegant Analog Watch Face? Here is it!
3.7 1000-5000 July 6, 2017 No No

Vintage Pixel icon pack!
4.8 1000-5000 June 29, 2017 No No

Maps of the Shuswap Lakes! Activities, marinas, beaches, all on GPS!
Travel & Local
4.2 50-100 July 16, 2016 No No

HD Wallpapers - Full HD (Pro)
Browse High Resolution Wallpapers 🙊 with Daily Updates and many Category's 🙈
4.1 10000-50000 June 3, 2017 No No

Perfect Icon Pack
Perfectly designed to be your all-day icon pack replacement.
4.5 10000-50000 June 1, 2017 No Yes

Travel to Barcelona!
Traveling to Barcelona? Look no further! The best guide for your journey is here
Travel & Local
0 1-5 June 6, 2017 No No

Atlantis 3D Pro Live Wallpaper
The most convincing underwater 3D live wallpaper on Google Play!
4.5 5000-10000 November 29, 2013 No No

Delux UX Pixel - S8 Icon pack
The new S8 icons in Pixel version
4.7 100-500 June 10, 2017 No No

Elegant Analog Arabic Watch
A simple Elegant Analog Arabic Watch
4.2 100-500 July 6, 2017 No No

Grace UX Pixel - Icon Pack
Grace UX now Pixel version
4.8 1000-5000 June 13, 2017 No No

Help PIXELMAN rescue the citizens of Pixville from the evil Baron Von Pixel!
4.9 50-100 January 12, 2016 No No

Total RAM Speed Booster
No.1 RAM Speed Booster in Android, Trigger boost automatically! ~ Discount Sale!
4.5 1000-5000 May 3, 2017 No No

Chrooma Live Wallpaper
A beautiful Material Designed live wallpaper.
4.6 10000-50000 November 12, 2015 No No

Chrooma Float Live Wallpaper
Material design in its pure form on a fully customizable and interactive LWP.
4.8 1000-5000 June 29, 2017 No No

Minimalist - Icon Pack
Minimalist Icon Pack with A Perfect Blend of Creativity & Simplicity.
4.9 1000-5000 June 24, 2017 No Yes

Ongoing PAGFs

Vip Betting Tips Premium
%96 Success Rate. VIP Betting Tips Premium
4 1000-5000 July 5, 2017 No No

Rugos Premium - Icon Pack
Rugos Premium Chreased Effected with High Quality Vector Base Icon Pack!...
4.7 10000-50000 June 19, 2017 No Yes

Graby Spin - Icon Pack
Rounded version of Graby Icon Pack!Over 50K User!
4.6 50000-100000 June 19, 2017 No Yes

Thai Talk Phrasebook Pro
A useful Thai phrase book app that needs NO internet connection.
Travel & Local
4.6 1000-5000 May 17, 2017 No No

XIM - Icon Pack
Icons with a dark edge and bright colors with shades
4.7 10000-50000 July 9, 2017 No No

Infinity Dungeon Evolution
A Hack-and-Slash Endless Dungeon Adventure! Gold Mine Dungeon RPG!
Role Playing
4.4 50000-100000 August 10, 2016 Yes Yes

Digital Dashboard GPS Pro
Digital Dashboard GPS Pro
4.2 50000-100000 June 23, 2017 No No

I Am Rich Premium
Do you want to be a rich?There is a solution!
3.7 50000-100000 July 3, 2017 Yes No

Rome 3D Live Wallpaper
Stunning fully 3d Ancient Rome environment !
4.6 1000-5000 October 22, 2014 No No

Fortress: Destroyer
Battleship action-rpg with super weapons and tower crafting on the high seas!
3.9 50000-100000 December 13, 2015 No Yes

Buff Knight Advanced
Awesome! I love this game! So much better than the original.
Role Playing
4.4 50000-100000 March 15, 2017 Yes Yes

One click to health PRO
BMI,BMR,TDEE, Ideal Weight and Healthiest Long Lasting Weight at just one click
Health & Fitness
3.3 5000-10000 May 4, 2016 No No

QR Code Reader PRO
The fastest and most powerful QR code reader and barcode scanner.
4.8 50000-100000 May 19, 2017 No No

Rebel Icon Pack
Make your smartphone to a unique designer piece: Rebel Icon Pack
4.6 1000-5000 August 6, 2016 No No

3100 icons with material style
4.7 10000-50000 July 9, 2017 No No

PAW Patrol Pups Take Flight
PAW Patrol Pups Take Flight is a fun & educational preschool game from Nick Jr.!
3.8 100000-500000 December 22, 2016 No Yes

Music Translator (Recognition)
Simple app for recording musical ideas and chords recognition for musicians
Music & Audio
4.3 5000-10000 June 19, 2017 No No

Coin Princess V
Hi! I was kidnapped by Devil.Is there anyone who can help me?- Coin princess
Role Playing
4.3 10000-50000 March 28, 2017 Yes Yes

Christmas Cookie Village 3D
A heart-warming visit to a deliciously sweet Christmas Cookie village!
4.5 100-500 December 4, 2015 No No

Password Saver
Password Saver, Safeguard all your passwords safely.
4.1 10000-50000 June 11, 2017 No No

Pregnancy Food Guide PRO
The PRO version doesn’t contain adverts and includes 100 additional foodstuffs!
4.4 1000-5000 July 2, 2017 No No

Aris - Icon Pack
Icon Pack Designed By Modern Standards In High Resolution.
4.8 1000-5000 October 19, 2016 No No

Compass PRO
Precise, accurate & essential. When you need it, where you need it. Get it NOW!
4.6 10000-50000 January 31, 2017 No No

Micron is a unique fusion of puzzle and rhythm gameplay.
4.6 1000-5000 September 1, 2014 No No

Silent movie camera, Kamarada
New Vintage camera, record with funny old music and fancy filters (B&W, sepia)
Video Players & Editors
4.3 500-1000 May 9, 2016 No No

Magic Greenhouse 3D Pro lwp
Amazing 3d greenhouse with magic animated flowers!
4.6 1000-5000 August 20, 2014 No No

Spirl Theme
The perfect match for your homescreen. Available for Zooper and KLWP.
4.4 100-500 January 15, 2017 No No

Belly Fix - 12 days
Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels !Get Flat Stomach within few Days
Health & Fitness
4 5000-10000 June 27, 2017 Yes Yes

Rounded - Icon Pack
Icon Pack (Theme)
4.7 100-500 May 26, 2017 No No


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