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[Progress Update] Beta Testing Build Updated

Hello everyone,

A special thanks to everyone who sent us feedback about the new beta build.

Unfortunately there seems to be some issue with beta channel release as some users have reported that they are getting an older release even after joining the beta testing option. In contrast to this, many other users have reported that they can see the new beta build just fine.

After getting these reports, view re-reviewed the release process from our side and didn't find any issue with the roll-out process. This has completely stumped us as we are not sure what is going on. This could very well be an issue from Play Store side where beta users are being served an older build even when it is superseded.

To overcome this, we are pushing a new update to the beta testing build. Hopefully it should resolve the current issue with roll-out process.



Костя said...

Where can I download this test application?

MR MICHAEL said...

I have the beta version but it still will not open.

Capt.G.T.O said...

The link is highlighted in red in the first part of the article...

Im using beta and registered but keep getting the old version and not getting access to the beta .
Thanks again.

Unknown said...

IMPORTANT: (in my humble opinion) I followed the link for the beta version just released. Initially I got the same "loop" result others were reporting. HOWEVER, I took the extra time to scroll down on the app page, and clicked the "sign up for beta" option. Once my beta sign-up was complete, (It takes a few minutes to process) I updated the app again, and it IS WORKING! I suspect that others who couldn't get it working, missed the sign-up step.

Ubuntu Vibes said...

Please try direct link to join beta:

You need to open it in a web browser and join with your play store login email account.

Let me know if it works.

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