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Try ChromeOS with Extra Hardware and Full Java Support

I always wanted to permanently install Chrome/ium OS on one of my aging laptops. However I never did because of lack of wifi driver support.

Now, Hexxeh who is doing tremendous work to bring Chrome OS to as many users as possible has released a new improved flavor of Vannila Chrome OS 'Lime' with added hardware and full java support.

List of the improvements in hardware support:

Broadcom WiFi - BCM43XX
Ralink WiFi - RT24XX, RT28XX, RT30XX
Realtek WiFi - R8187SE, R8712U, RTL73, RTL8180, RTL8187, RTL8192XX
nVidia GPUs - 6 series and newer

PAE requirement has been removed. If you were one of the unlucky folks to have a device that didn't support a PAE kernel, you're in luck, this is no longer a requirement with Lime. Java is now fully supported with Lime. More plugins coming very soon.

You decide what gets added

These are just a few of the changes featured in Lime, but there's more. If there's a piece of hardware that Lime does not support and a Linux driver exists but isn't being shipped, let Hexxeh know about this and He'll likely add it. Tweet him information regarding this.

Get Chrome OS 'Lime' from here.


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