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Video Calls using HTML5, WebKit GTK+ and Linux

HTML5, as many of us know allows us to view audio and video in web browser itself without need of using third party resources like Flash. Further, it also allows us to use microphones and cameras giving us the ability to conduct a video conference or video call using a simple web browser only.

While browsing through the website Muylinux, I came to know about this experiment done by Ericsson Labs. With HTML5, a patched version of WebKit GTK+ and WebSockets, they conducted a successful conversational video call on one of the Linux systems.

"No modifications has been made to the media framework or the underlying OS. We have tested our implementation on a couple of different device types and Linux distributions, and the performance (while not assessed in any formal test) seems quite OK."

"Our conclusion is that it would be feasible to support conversational voice and video in a web browser/runtime. Note again that the example code above is run in our patched version of WebKit GTK+ and it can not be expected to work in a regular web browser."

Video of the test on Ubuntu:

This looks very promising that can change the way we interact and communicate with web browsers in future. The preview code and patched version of WebKit GTK+ is not available publicly as of now.

If you would like to read more about how they did it, please go here.
[Many thanks to muylinux for the info]


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