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GMapCatcher, An Offline Google and OpenStreet Maps Viewer

GMapCatcher is an offline map viewer utility that allows users to view maps without a need of Internet connection once they are loaded. The application supports many different services:
The utility also allows you to download full maps to your hard disk. While it is fine with many services to download bulk maps, for some it may be against terms and conditions and the application will give a warning if it is so. However, you can always load the maps while you are online and view them later when you have no connectivity as they will be available for you without any need to download them.

The application is easy to use and comes with lots of configuration options. A look at its features:
  • Downloads map tiles automatically for offline viewing
  • Faster downloading with multi-threading support
  • Map tiles automatically re-downloaded after 24 hours with Force Update feature to instantly update map tiles
  • Map, satellite, terrain, hybrid view modes
  • Select your stored maps from drop down menu
  • Find maps directly by coordinates
  • Export maps to png files
  • Add markers to maps and save path maps
  • Easy navigation with Zoom-in/Zoom-out and Center Map Here options
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for quick navigation. A list of shortcuts can be found here
  • GPS Support. Guide for using GPS can be found here
  • Full user guide, explaining each and every feature and how to use them can be found here
  • You can find more screenshots here
  • Application tested on Ubuntu 8.04, 8.10. 9.04,10.04 (64bit),10.10 (64bit)
  • Available under GPL v2 license
By default any offline content will be stored to /home/user/.googlemaps (you can change the directory in settings)

Download .debs files for Ubuntu, Source or Windows installer from here


Laura Martin said...

This is great news for supported applications. It will make locating that hard to find dentist's office or pet shop easier to find.

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