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Key-Mon Shows Live Keyboard and Mouse Strokes for Teaching and Screencasts

Key-Mon is a small but handy application for Ubuntu that shows keypresses and mouse clicks in real time while you do your work. The application can be useful for teaching or making screencats. 

A look at its features:
  • The window and buttons are scalable to any size.
  • Different keyboard themes/styles supported.
  • Can start without a window border to take up less space.
  • Right click provides an application menu.
  • Supports the META (aka Windows) key.
  • Supports the scroll wheel.
  • Supports all three mouse buttons.
  • Swap the left and right mouse buttons for lefties.
  • Support for touch tablets.
  • Emulate middle click by clicking left and right mouse buttons.
  • Visible mouse click. Briefly shows a circle where you clicked.
  • Option to show only key combinations.

Key-mon can be configured using a GUI but you can also use terminal commands:

To run key-mon: $ key-mon
To get a list of available configuration commands: $ key-mon --help

Key-mon in action (watch in HD)

Download Key-mon from here

Also look at ScreenKey, a similar tool that makes making screencasts easy that we reviewed few days back: Screencast Your Keystrokes


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