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Ubuntu 10.10 'Maverick Meerkat' Released, Full Review With Screenshots and Videos

Ubuntu 10.10 'Maverick Meerkat' has been released few minutes back as part of 6 months release cycle and it is the first release that follows Ubuntu 10.04 'Lucid Lynx' Long Term Support (LTS).

So what is there in the review? We did a detailed review of Ubuntu 10.10 RC just 10 days back that incorporates pretty much everything that is new to Ubuntu 10.10 and there has been only bug fixes after that. The post is quite similar to the review with some of the things I missed with more screenshots and videos. A look at the new features:


Linux Kernel 2.6.35-22, Gnome version 2.32.0

Default Applications

Shotwell has replaced F-Spot as the default photo manager.
Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu Software Center received a lot of attention from the developers with introduction of many new features.
Addition of History tab telling users about past package installations, updates and removals. A Interface redesign with smaller icons, new background. Introduction of What's New and Featured Applications Categories and a redesign of the detailed application view as well.

Added options to install related add-ons while installing an application and 'Find it in the menu' information so that users can locate applications. Technical Packages are not shown by default with an added option to expand technical packages view.

Added an option to Purchase Applications with Ubuntu One SSO integration for purchasing applications. Software center was also made default application for installing .deb packages.

A new repository, Ubuntu Extras have been added under What's New section where new post release applications will be featured but it won't provide updates to the existing application in the repositories.

These features look impressive but there are some other points too. As always the software center is slow to start and now since it has been made default application to handle .deb files, installing new .deb packages is quite a slow process. So I reverted back to Gdebi installer which is much faster and minimal. Also, the much awaited and much demanded feature of application ratings and reviews is not there yet.

Ubuntu Software Center Video (Watch in HD)

Themes, Wallpapers and Icons (Eye Candy)

Light themes got a makeover making them faster and better fitting with Gnome Desktop and Ubuntu Branding. You can read about all the changes to the light themes from here and here. Humanity Icons also set gets an update. 

New set of 17 community wallpapers released as a part of Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase and the default wallpaper for maverick was announced.Winning Video and Audio clips as a part of the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase were placed in the examples folder under home directory. (more here)

How fast does your PC boot? - Ubuntu ad - final version from Goce Mitevski on Vimeo.

Sound Indicator

A new improved sound indicator with music player integration that allows users to control music playback from sound menu itself.

Evolution and Gwibber

Gwibber updated with many bug fixes and OAuth Support for Twitter. Evolution updated to version 2.30.3 with a faster and cleaner interface.

Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One that provides free online space of 2GB to Ubuntu users, was greatly improved with lots of bug fixes with focus on stability and better nautilus integration. Users can now create account with out a need to visit a browser. The web interface was improved and feels more intuitive. An Android application was released for Ubuntu One and a new feature introduced where Ubuntu One streams music to phones. Know more about music streaming from here

[source: Ubuntu One Blog]

Unity - Ubuntu Netbook Interface

The Netbook version got a radical redesign with a completely new interface specially optimized for small screens. Unity 'Dash' Files and Application Browser introduced with Zeitgeist integration for easier navigation. Zeitgeist integration helps in finding recently and most used files and applications.

Introduced more space optimizations as window buttons and application menus now lie on gnome panel itself. A new application Launcher on the left to manage application with support for quick lists.

Applications, Files, Trash and Removable Media applets on the launcher. There is an alternative to open files in nautilus file manager (more here). It automatically detects 3D acceleration. If 3D acceleration not found, takes the user back to the standard desktop session.

Unity netbook interface is not as stable as the desktop version and I had to face frequent system lock ups while running the Unity Interface.

Unity Video (Watch in HD)

New Ubuntu Font

Ubuntu Font now comes as default font for supported languages in Maverick. The font that has been in private beta for long time was made available for all users. You can read more about it from here

The New Installer

Ubuntu Installer got a makeover with huge focus on user friendliness and smooth installation process. An option to install licensed package like mp3 support from the installer itself was introduced. The installer have now reduced installation time as personalization features like selecting location etc. are now done during the actual installation process.

New Installer Slideshow video (Watch in 480p. Video made from a testing version of slideshow. Please ignore 'pretending to install')

Lastly, Ubuntu 10.10 comes with multi-touch support. To enable it, install the package utouch from Ubuntu Software Center or by running following command: sudo apt-get install utouch

Users can upgrade from older versions of Ubuntu by running following command:

update-manager -d

You can download Ubuntu 10.10 iso image from here (Desktop and NetBook Edition)
You can download Kubuntu 10.10 iso image from here

While your download is going on, read our guide: Things To Do After the New Ubuntu 10.10 'Maverick Meerkat' Installation


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