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After Sintel Movie, Now a Sintel Game is in Development

After Sintel open movie project by Blender Foundation, now Sintel The Game is in development for almost a year which is a video game adaptation of the original movie. The game showcased its pre-demo in Blender Game Contest 2010 in January this year and stood at second place.

So how the project came into existence?  Here is what the team behind Sintel The Game have to say:

The Blender Foundation showed off their plans for the next open movie, Sintel in August of 2009. Our team was struck with inspiration so we tossed around the idea of working together to make a game project that would somehow relate to the movie. Over time, Sintel The Game was born.

For Sintel The Game, a script was written to keep the same level of emotions that were in Sintel movie and at the same time keeping intense action oriented gameplay. Here is an excerpt from the script:

Sintel – The Game takes place within the events of the movie. Sintel finds herself just outside the town of Garway. She bumps into some bandits who attack her and she is taken into the care of a kind stranger. You play as Sintel and follow her on her journey through Garway. On the way you will discover that the guards of Garway are corrupt, and help to rise against them.

Check out the video where the developers are showing a really awesome gameplay footage:

So do you want to try out the game? A pre-demo is available which requires Blender 2.5 to be installed on your system. I tried to run the game but I couldn't get past the Python, Blender and Sintel logo and initial game menu.

But there could be several reasons for it as I was running it on Ubuntu 11.04 which itself is not stable and my graphic drivers were also not fully updated. So, if you want to try it, by all means do it as some users have reported they have got it running on their system.


First, install latest Blender version in 2.5x series by running following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cheleb/blender-svn
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install blender

Now grab the pre-demo from here and extract the archive. Run the file sintel_the_game.blend and press 'P' once you see Blender window to start the game. To end the game press 'Esc'

Important Note: This is only a pre-demo (read pre-alpha quality) which was rushed so that it can be used for Blender contest but soon a much better and improved demo version of the game will be released by Sintel The Game team that will have better fighting mechanics, visual and graphical improvements and voice overs. We will keep you posted when new demo is out.

I would have loved to show a screencast of the game running on my system but unfortunately one of my systems with Ubuntu 10.10 installed is not with me at the moment.
[Thanks to Jon from the game development team | via  Free Gamer]


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