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Linux Game Preview : Blocks That Matter by Swing Swing Submarine (Releasing this May)

A new innovative game by indie game company Swing Swing Submarine  is coming to Linux this May that will not only test your brainpower with puzzles but will be fun at the same time.

Blocks That Matter is a puzzle/platformer that combines the magic of Mario Bros., Tetris and Minecraft into one package. The game is inspired by their own other game Tuper Tario Tros (TTT) that combined Mario and Tetris but had only one level. TTT became quite popular so the developers came up with another full blown game inspired by it. Blocks that Matter will be released in April for Xbox Live Arcade and in May for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Gameplay Video

The game focuses on creative use of blocks as they can be used to make stairs, clearing your way or busting them Tetris style by making pairs of 4. Most of the time there will be more than one solution to solve the puzzles. There will be some bonus materials to discover too that will allow you to unlock goodies and new gameplay mechanics.

The developers also want to preserve and take this gaming style further as they want more games to come in Blocks That Matter series and in that they want your ideas and suggestions.

If you have interest in indie games, read their blog and this interview of William David from Swing Swing Submarine development team on Gamer-UK.


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