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Opera 11.10 'Barracuda' Released

Opera Team has released Opera 11.10 codenamed 'Barracuda' few hours back that brings a totally revamped, improved and feature packed speed dial to the users, improved Opera Turbo and many other features.

Infinite Speed Dial

There is no limit to the number of shortcuts for speed dial now so you can keep as many as you want for quick access. Opera Speed Dial automatically adjusts the window size depending upon your number of shortcuts though you can manually configure them too.

Improved Opera Turbo

Opera Turbo brings a faster browsing experience for users with limited bandwidth and slow Internet connection speed by compressing images etc. Opera Turbo has been improved as now it uses WebP format for images that brings better compression without loss of quality.

In this video, Christen Krogh from Opera Team talks about the benefits of Opera Turbo:

Better Web Standards Support

HTML5 and CSS3 support has been improved in this new version of Opera that brings better HTML5 elements integration, session history support etc. Among more things, Opera now displays linear gradients and multiple columns in CSS3.

Full Changelog can be found here


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