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Ubuntu 11.04 Changes - New Unity Update Brings Options for Adjusting Launcher Behavior

A new version of Unity (3.8.6) has been released today that brings new configuration options for changing launcher behavior and many other fixes for bugs and crashes. 

Until now, unity launcher was only revealed when the pointer was hovered on top left corner of the screen, over the Ubuntu button. But today's update changes this default behavior and and now Unity launcher is revealed whenever pointer is moved on to the left edge of the screen. To avoid accidental revealing of launcher, it seems that a certain timeout has also been kept. 

As the options are configurable users can easily set the old reveal behavior again from Compiz Config Settings Manager (CCSM). There is also a new entry in System Settings - Launcher and Menus, that allows you to change launcher behavior even if CCSM is not installed.

In other changes, now a small blue triangle appears on top left corner of the Ubuntu button whenever an application demands urgent attention. Before this release, the Ubuntu logo on top left corner used to turn blue.

Unity launcher now greys out whenever dash menu or unity lenses are activated. This behavior was introduced in last unity release but has been made more subtle now.

Dragging icons from dash on to the launcher works properly now which was broken till now. Though dragging icons from dash on to the desktop does not work and shows error.

Lastly, over past couple of releases, unity has become extremely fast and stable thanks to the amazing work done by the developers. Almost all the crashes are gone in compiz though a memory leak still bugs me. Next Unity release will be out on 14th with more fixes so stay tuned for more news.


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