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A New Update for Steel Storm is Now Available in Ubuntu Software Center

A new update for Steel Storm is now available in Ubuntu Software Center. Those who have purchased the game just need to hit the update manager.

Changes in this update:
  • New CTF missions: Arsenal CTF, Hack and Slash CTF
  • New bonus campaign/co-op missions: Onslaught, Purgatory
  • Better profile updating
  • Player Initiated Voting - Includes mission changes and player kicks. (Admins can force map changes or create votes even if it’s disabled.)
  • Name tags
  • Chat bubble
  • Team balancing
  • Fixed CTF and Deathmatch bugs
  • IP address of server is now shown in server browser
  • Manual connection to a server using IP address and port
  • Passwords can be set for joining your server, and/or for admin mode access.
  • Instant Chase Cam switch during multiplayer (at all times) and during single player (if it's unlocked). 
  • Added a limited visibility chase cam mode toggle for better performance on slow machines
  • Full changelog here


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