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[Oneiric Updates] Drag and Drop Support in Unity 2D, Linux Kernel 3.0, Hybrid ISOs and More

Ubuntu 11.10 has received many new updates in last few days. Here is a quick summary of recent changes.


LightDM is now the default login display manager in Ubuntu 11.10. Currently it is not themed but a nice greeter will be designed before the end of the cycle matching with overall design of Unity.

Unity 3.8.16

Unity has received a bugfix update fixing some issues. Full changelog here. Unity 3.8.16 will also be released as an update for Ubuntu 11.04 users.

Unity 2D

Unity 2D in Oneiric received a nice update bringing in Drag and Drop support. Users can now drag applications from dash menu on to the launcher. Though Unity 2D does not yet supports opening of various file types by simply dragging them over the launchers. Many other bugs have also been fixed. Full changelog here

Hybrid ISOs

Ubuntu 11.10 daily build images are now available as Hybrid ISOs. With Hybrid ISOs, images can be simply copied to USB drives and there is no need to use a USB creator application unless you need persistent storage. Full announcement details here. A very interesting discussion on Hybrid ISOs is also going on Ubuntu Forums.

Linux Kernel 3.0

Latest Linux kernel 3.0 is now available in Oneiric.
New FGLRX ATI Driver version 11.5

Proprietary ATI driver version 11.5 is now available in Oneiric.  A new version 11.6 is however available on ATI website which is only a bug fix release. Changelog here

New NVIDIA Driver version 275.09.07

The latest and greatest NVIDIA proprietary driver version 275.09.07 (released June 14) is now available in Oneiric repositories thanks to Alberto Milone. Full changelog here

Ambiance Theme based on Unico Engine

Ambiance GTK3 theme, has not landed in Ubuntu 11.10 yet, but here is a screenshot from latest version pulled from bzr branch.

And another one shared by Andrea Cimitan from design team.

Deja Dup Gets Ubuntu One Integration

Deja Dup is not yet default in Oneiric but a recent update brought Ubuntu One integration.


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