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Cross-Platform Compatibility is Core Philosophy of Humble Indie Bundle Initiative

The folks over at DIY Gamer and Nerd Age did very nice interviews of Richard Esguerra from Humble Indie Bundle team. In these interviews, Richard talked about how it all started and the core philosophy of Humble Bundles.

He said that the first Humble Indie Bundle was more like an educated experiment and it was a roller coaster ride. But later they improved upon the model and implemented it successfully. These bundles have also have been highly rewarding for developers and charity.

He also mentioned that cross-compatibly is core philosophy of Humble Indie. The games included will always support multiple platforms and they are particularly proud of proving that making cross compatible games for Linux, Mac and Windows is a good thing to do. Supporting Linux is important for them and it is also one of the main factor they look for when deciding the games in a bundle.

We care a lot about cross-platform gaming, so one thing that might be kind of unexpected is that the timing for bundles is affected by looking for games that are ported to Linux and figuring out Linux porting in general.

When asked about what could be there in store for next Humble Indie Bundle, he said:

We are definitely working on it, and if all goes according to plan, it’s going to melt keyboards worldwide. Stay tuned!

I wonder what he is hinting at. We did broke the news yesterday about leaked pictures of next Humble Indie Bundle which can be an all Intoversion pack. May be he is talking about this or may be there is some other bundle.

Read the full interviews at DIY Gamer and Nerd Age.


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