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Deb and RPM Packages Finally Released for Burster [Play 3D Blender Games in Web Browser]

Some of you may remember that about a year back we first broke the news that Blender project, in collaboration with iTechnologie is developing a web browser plugin, Burster which will allow playing games made in Blender in a web browser. However, at that time the project was in very early stages and it was very difficult to install the actual plugin.

The project has matured since then and finally Deb and RPM packages are available. Only 64bit packages are available at the moment but once all the remaining bugs and issues are ironed out, 32 bit packages will be released as well.

About Burster

Burster web browser 3D plugin uses the Blender Game Engine to integrate the fascinating world of 3D into a website. It is especially dedicated to Blender users, who creates interactive 3D demonstrations of various processes or products. However, it can be used by web developers or companies creating interactive web content. The Burster plugin is free and open source and its source code is covered by GPL license. In fact, many contributors of other open source projects (Inkscape, Gimp, Netbeans, Joomla, Apache+php+Mysql) have contributed in developing Burster.

Check out the promo video:

Download Burster 1.5 for Linux (64bit Deb and RPM Packages)

Note: In some cases, there may be issues in installing the plugin. Make sure you have following dependencies installed - libpython3.2, libpython2.7, libjpeg8, libjpeg62, libtiff4, libpng12-0, libopenal1, libalut0, gettext (>=0.18), libavformat52, libavcodec52, libavutil50, libavdevice52, libswscale0, libssl0.9.8.

There are some examples and other games made by community which you can get from links below:
You can also try Dead Cyborg which is the best game so far that uses Burster plugin.

The game also comes with its own native Linux client but you can try the game in a web browser from the link below after installing 64 bit Burster plugin .

Web browser gaming is getting lots of momentum these days. There is NaCl (Google Chrome's Native Client Plugin) , there is Unity (not yet for Linux though) and now there is Burster fully compatible with Windows and Linux. What are your thoughts about this?


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