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[Game Updates] Summoning Wars, Auro, Steel Storm 2, Cobalt, Ensign 1

There has been some news regarding new Linux games and other alpha funding projects last week. Check them out below.

Summoning Wars

Summoning Wars is a free and open source role playing game inspired by Diablo series. The game is based on Ogre3D engine and is currently heavily under development. A new update was pushed last week bringing in new features and fixes. The game looks good, however only Windows and Mac build are available. You can get and compile source code for the game. Unfortunately, after I finished compiling, the game segfaulted everytime I tried to launch it. Hope they provide Linux binaries soon. Check out the one of the old gameplay videos below:


Multiplayer platformer action game Cobalt which will be published by Mojang will follow same Pay What You Want Model that Minecraft made popular. The game is being developed by Oxeye Studios and first alpha build will be released before the end of the year. Those who pre-order will get early access and subsequent upgrades. Meanwhile check out Cobalt EP that features some great tunes from well known artists. MineCon video below:

New Linux Games Projects Need Your Help

Only Human Studios who released their first game Helena The Third some time back, is coming up with their next game, Ensign 1 featuring multiplayer space combat. They are currently looking for funding and you will get a free copy copy of Helena The Third if you donate $1 and above. Check out their Kickstarter page.

Dinofarm games who released 100 Rogues, a roguelike game for iOS, are looking to fund their next project Auro: The Golden Prince. The game looks quite interesting involving turn based dungeon crawling gameplay. Auro will be released for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. Check out their Kickstarter page.

Kot-in-Action Announces Steel Storm 2

Kot-in-Action Game Studios are coming up with a new game Steel Storm 2, an FPS that will feature fast paced single player and co-op Quake style old school gameplay. Their earlier games, Steel Storm Episode 1 & 2 are extremely popular in Linux gamers. Steel Storm 2  is available now for pre-orders for $5 only and you will get source code, a modding SDK and all the future updates with it. The final version will cost $ 20. If you liked their earlier games, support them by pre-ordering SS2.

New FPS Made in Blender

Remember few days back we wrote about Burster Plugin from Blender project that allows you to play 3D games made in Blender in your web browser. You can try out a new good looking FPS game, Invincible Project using Burster plugin now. You can download Ubuntu and Fedora packages (64bit only) from here and then click here to play the game.


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