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System and Sound Settings to be Redesigned for Ubuntu 12.04

Canonical design team has revealed some more plans for the upcoming LTS release in a series of blog posts. Along with multi-monitor setup improvements, new changes have been proposed for system and sound settings.

Multi-Monitor Experience

Few days back, the team made available a new UI specification document for multi-monitor setups. These specifications will be tested by prototypes and one such prototype for launcher reveal has been released. 

The team  is exploring having a Launcher on each display. The motivation for making the Launcher available from any display is to allow the user to launch and switch applications, without having to travel onto another display to do so.

You can download and test the prototype application from here.

System Settings

System settings will get many improvements this cycle keeping in mind layout consistency with upstream Gnome 3, Unity integration and simplified structure. A document with mockups is available here. Check out the screenshots below:

Sound Settings

Sound settings will also have an overhaul improving UI experience. These settings will make it easier to select desired audio hardware and boost levels. Screenshots below:

You can find detailed documentation in the links below. Please keep in mind that these are still mockups and final results may vary.


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