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Lubuntu Booting Into Unity Desktop [Bug]

A pretty weird bug has gone into Lubuntu 12.04 Alpha 2 iso testing builds which is making Lubuntu to boot into Unity Desktop.

The bug was first noticed by iso tester Erick Brunzell  where he found that Lubuntu was booting into Unity in both live and full installation modes. Apparently this was only happening on machines having 3D hardware acceleration enabled.

This created a bit of confusion and some started worrying as there was no discussion on Lubuntu mailing lists about switching the interface to Unity. However, after having a discussion on Ubuntu Forums it was found that this bug is result of another bug because of which unity-greeter package was accidently being pulled into Lubuntu. Installation of unity-greeter have resulted into installation of lots of Unity dependencies. There is also a very interesting discussion on Lubuntu meeting logs confirming Unity being pulled into Lubuntu.

However Lubuntu is not switching to Unity and this bug will be fixed as soon as possible. But at this time it can't be said if it will be fixed in the final Alpha 2 images . So this may very well make into Lubuntu Alpha 2 and later a quick update can fix this. Delaying Lubuntu Alpha 2 can also be one of the possibilities. We have to just wait and watch.

The interesting part about entire this case was that original poster found Unity quite slick and he was not complaining :)

An explanation on this given by Ubuntu developer Colin Watson just few minutes back:

The problem is that the Lubuntu build process is supposed to disable installation of Recommends, but this wasn't correctly reflected everywhere. I'm trying to chase this down now. People who've installed with Alpha 1 may need to make some configuration changes.

Update: The bug has been fixed by Colin Watson. Lets hope it makes into Alpha 2 images.

Screenshots retrieved from Erick Brunzell's original post


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