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Raspbmc - XBMC Linux Distribution for Raspberry Pi Announced

$25 credit card size ARM Linux PC Raspberry Pi is getting lots of love from community. 

First, XBMC playing HD video on rPi was shown shown off at Scale 10x. Now a specific Linux distribution Raspbmc is being developed by Stm Labs which is specially optimized for Raspberry Pi.  

Raspbmc Features
  • PRe-loaded XBMC media center
  • Custom Linux distribution with minimalised kernel
  • Auto-updating
  • UI installers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X to allow installation onto a removable device
  • PVR / AirTunes / AirPlay / Spotify integration
  • Expansive capabilities allowing the installation of a desktop and web browser
  • AFP, NFS and SMB file sharing
  • Configuration utility allowing installation of custom nightlies, audio configuration, update management,
  • Server mode – allows MySQL database hosting and Thumbnail sharing for XBMC multiseat systems.
  • 1080p decoding
  • Free and open source
XBMC team is not involved with development of Raspbmc. However, they are pleased that new distributions are making it easy to deploy XBMC on Raspberry Pi. XBMC team will continue to work on improving the XBMC experience on rPi and other systems.

Code for Raspbmc will be available soon. Keep a watch here.

Check out the video of XBMC running on Raspberry Pi (This is not Raspbmc)

screenshot above is from XBMC application (not from Raspbmc) 


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