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How to Fix 'menddef.h not found' Error in Urban Terror

Urban Terror is one of the most popular 3D first person multiplayer game for Linux.

There is quite a friendly gaming community around it and I love to play it in spare time. However, The game started throwing ui/menddef.h not found errors recently when I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04.

After a bit of searching, I found that this issue was bugging 64bit Linux users for quite some time and a workaround was to download an optimized executable (this file is missing now).

But I got all these errors on 32bit installation. After looking around further, I found ioq3-for-UrbanTerror-4 project on GitHub by Barbatos having latest commit message fixed the <file ui/menddef.h not found> bug for ubuntu users.

So I tried to compile it and got all sorts of coding and other errors. Fortunately I found another Urban Terror project on Github by undeadzy which was updated recently. So I downloaded this branch and the game worked this time. However, I had serious performance regressions. 

You can try this method by following instructions below. They will work with game downloaded from official Urban Terror website. (if you also have performance or other issues, there is another easy method explained below)
  • Download source code, extract the zip file, open a terminal and go the folder by running cd command.
  • Run make command
  • You will now have a new build folder. Inside that you will have another folder with your architecture specific name (I had release-linux-i386)
  • Now, your original Urban terror game files will have have q3ut4 folder. Copy all .pk3 files from that and paste into q3ut4 folder in release-linux-i386 directory.
  • Make sure ioUrT file have executable permission and run it to launch the game
There is another easier method which worked for me without any performance regressions. Instructions below:
  • Download 32bit or 64bit Urban terror Arch Linux package.
  • Extract the archive. In opt > urbanterror folder, you will find game executables.
  • Replace your original Urban Terror executable files with these.
  • Make sure they have executable permissions. Now just run them to launch the game.
Both these methods solved 'file not found' issues. If you are getting similar errors, these methods are worth a try.


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