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Linux Action RPG Game 'Warlock's Gauntlet' Updated

Warlock's Gauntlet is a top down Diablo like action game for Linux. You play the role of a battlemage who travels through maps filled with monsters, gaining experience and learning new spells.

The game features 25 random-generated levels which should amount to about three hours of gameplay and the player character can find over 60 distinct spells. There is no networked multiplayer, but the game includes a hot-seat two-player mode. The game is available for free - the code is open source and the assets are licensed CC.

Warlock's Gauntlet has received an update recently and some new features have been introduced.
  • Open-world adventure: Now it's up to you to decide whether you want to hack and slash monsters as quickly as possible or maybe spend little time on improving firepower. If you're feeling lost, there's always a world map available.
  • Updated graphics: Added colourful lights, so now levels are even more diverse than before.
  • Town: As usual: you kill monsters, you get gold. But now when you get gold, you can spend it on more powerful spells and build a powerful character
  • Improved balance: Now you have to be careful when leveling up, because winning with single spell is no longer an option
Check out the video.


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