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New Unity3D Games Promise Linux Support, More Kickstarter Updates

Unity Technologies announced Linux publishing support for Unity 4, next version of their popular game engine.

Lots of Game Studios were waiting for this announcement and within just couple of days, some Game Studios have added Linux support.


Z. is a zombies-versus-survivors downloadable trading card game best described as "Magic: The Gathering meets The Walking Dead". Z. will feature turn-based gameplay similar to Words with Friends, so you can take your turn anytime you want, and have multiple games active at once with the same deck. You'll be able to play against friends and rivals on different platforms than your own

  • Cards use real-life models and horror effects
  • Play as either the survivors or the zombies
  • Turn-based cross-platform design modernizes traditional tabletop gameplay
  • Trade cards with friends or scrap duplicates for points to buy new cards
  • A live-action story mode with new episodes and cards every month
  • Progressive role-playing features for leveling up cards and discovering new ones
  • Signature zombie film scenes recreated in a card game
Z. is currently on Kickstarter and it is being made using Unity 4 engine. In their latest announcement they have added Linux to their supported platforms.

Unity Engine announced their next big release. Unity 4 brings a number of major and minor advancements, but the most important is undoubtedly support for Linux. This means a Linux version of Z. (one of our stretch goals) is not such a stretch anymore. It will happen.

A DRM free copy of the game can grabbed for $15, expected date of release is December 2012.

Alpha Colony

Alpha Colony: A Tribute to M.U.L.E. is  a game inspired by Sim City and Civilization. The basic game play is simple but mastering supply and demand on a remote colony is not. Deciding what to produce and when to trade it makes for a compelling experience for the whole family.

The game is inspired by original M.U.L.E. game released way back in 1983 by Electronic Arts.

Alpha Colony is being developed using Unity3D engine and it is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. A desktop edition of the game for Windows, Mac and Linux can be grabbed for $15. Expected date of release is June 2013.


CLANG is a project by Neal Stephenson to bring realistic sword-fighting to video games. CLANG will begin with the Queen of Weapons: the two-handed longsword used in Europe during late medieval and early renaissance times. This is a well-documented style that has enjoyed a revival in recent years thanks to the efforts of scholars and martial artists worldwide.

At first, it'll be a arena game based on one-on-one dueling. However  the game will be weaved into a story in a way that'll enhance both the playing and the reading experience.

CLANG is on Kickstarter sitting at $300k funds with final target being $500k. The game is being made using Unity engine and Linux support will be added at stretch goal of $800k.

We want to bring CLANG to Mac and LINUX, and with today’s announcement of Unity 4 supporting Linux, we're even more eager to try to make this happen. We are now quite confident that CLANG release with Windows and Mac simultaneously, and with Linux shortly thereafter. Now we just need to make sure that the Hydra will work, too. Sixense technology has an SDK that we can use to enable the Razer Hydra run on Mac and Linux as well. So as a stretch goal of $800K, we'll do our damndest to make Mac and LINUX support work.

19 days are still left in campaign and a copy of the game can be ensured for $25. Expected date of arrival is Feb 2013.

Many more game developers are considering Linux ports of their Unity3D games. I will post news here as soon as a new announcement is made. Check out some other Linux games, not based on Unity engine.


HeXit is a point-and-click adventure game that combines sci-fi, exciting stories and police procedural television series. The game will feature a compelling storyline with twists and exciting adventures in a spectacular sci-fi world, which, on the one hand, looks amazing but will also exist as a realistic, richly-detailed and interactive environment. Several side-stories and detailed in-game world await those who enjoy exploring everything in a game. 

There will be countless usable items which can be combined. HeXit will also involve several mini-games. There will be English language voice acting for all in-game dialogues.

HeXit is on Kickstarter and a copy of the game can be ensured for $10. Expected date of release is March 2013.

Word Realms

World Realms is a single-player role playing video game where your weapons are words. The game takes place in an isolated valley being terrorized by a powerful sorcerer. You have to explore the world, meet interesting characters, and fight your way to Nightmare Castle.

To battle your foes you make words from letter tiles. The game features dozens of different enemies and there are hundreds of different items that can significantly impact gameplay, adding tons of depth and strategy to each fight.

World Realms has been fully funded on Kickstarter ($100k). Only 34 hours are left in campaign, you can ensure a Linux version of the game by pledging $11.


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