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Unity 3D to Officially Support Ubuntu Only, More Details

Unity Technologies has finally added Linux publishing support taking cues from success of Humble Indie Bundles and Ubuntu Software Center.


A couple of times we reported that Unity developers are working on a Linux port on FAFFs (Fridays Are For Fun) over last two years. But later an official statement came from one of the Unity developers ruling out possibility of Linux support.

However, the Linux work done on FAFFs was kept alive and at the 2012 Ninja Camp development week, Unity 3D developers spent the week furthering the porting effort, and at the end of the week, they were able to show some compelling demos. These positive results lead to addition of Linux publishing support to Unity3D engine.

Why Preview?

It will take more testing and feedback before which they will feel confident that the quality is up to such a standard that a final version can be shipped. They will also work closely with the guys behind Wasteland 2 to make this port as good as it can be.

Ubuntu Support Only

While games exported from Unity will run on most modern Linux desktops, they will (at this time) only offer official support for Ubuntu 10.04 or later, with a graphics card that has vendor-made drivers installed.

Check out video introducing Unity 4 (skip to 3:50 for Linux part):

Thanks to NaTosha (Unity Technologies) | source Unity 4 FAQs 


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