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AMD Catalyst Legacy Driver Still Doesn't Support Xserver 1.13

AMD has released a new Catalyst 12.10 driver for Linux. I was hoping that with with catalyst 12.10, legacy drivers (version 12.6) will be updated to support xorg 1.13 (required for Ubuntu 12.10).

However, this release seems to be a complete joke. Catalyst 12.10 doesn't support xorg 1.13 while a special build of catalyst 12.9 that AMD provided to Ubuntu has support for xorg 1.13. 

Also, Catalyst 12.9 on AMD's website is different form Ubuntu version and it doesn't have xorg 1.13 support. So there are now two AMD Catalyst 12.9 drivers and a newer 12.10 version that still doesn't support xorg 1.13. What a mess.

What is interesting that Catalyst 12.10 Linux driver seems to be from September. They have just bumped the version and may be there are couple of changes, nothing more. They didn't even bother to at least make it compatible with xorg 1.13 considering the fact that an older Catalyst build already has it.

These new Catalyst Linux driver releases are what AMD claims to support and not legacy series drivers. So those who were hoping that legacy 12.6 driver will be updated, can forget about it. May be AMD will release an update in a decade or two.

Personally, I have totally given up on AMD as far has Linux graphic driver support is concerned. I am now looking to get a new NVIDIA card.


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