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Improving Gaming Performance is a Major Goal for Ubuntu 13.04

Improving gaming performance is one of the key goals for Ubuntu 13.04. Ubuntu developers are looking to work on different aspects of Ubuntu and Unity to optimize performance.

Some of the areas which will get attention this cycle:
  • Paging of results from the dash search results.
  • UBUS enhancements.
  • Improving the glib sources usage for timeouts.
  • Add capturing of gsettings option for unredirected fullscreen.
  • Full screen dash window to detect the click out. 
  • Texturing all the components in just one spot, not doing a draw call for every component, every time.
  • Texture harness. (like css sprites).
  • Fixing Nux automatically queuing and relayouting parents.
  • Investigating how efficient is previews transition on dash on big screens.
  • Reviewing all BAMF synchronous calls to check that they are in UI-drawing thread safe (it already should be the case).
  • Add automated measurement/benchmark with upstream instrumentation of the code.
  • Help on having automated benchmarks on actual games integrated with autopilot, using timedemo.
  • Optimize Compiz unredirect fullscreen.
Session notes can be found here. Some of these optimizations can also be backported to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.


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