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Impressive 3D First Person Platformer 'Deadlock' Coming to Linux

Deadlock is a first person shooter game that mixes puzzle solving and and platforming elements. The game originally started as an entry for ‘7 Days FPS’ challenge but now it has turned into a full commercial game, being developed by a team of 5 French developers.

In the game is you have to climb a gigantic tower set in a strange and abstract world destroyed by an unknown cataclysm. On your way to the top, you will have to fight robots guarding the tower areas, handle tricky platforming sequences and solve puzzles using your 'Switch Gun', a special weapon that allows you to activate or deactivate temporarily world elements.

Deadlock is developed using Unity3D game engine, check out a video:

You can download a Linux demo from here. The project had a successful crowdfunding campaign last month and it is expected to be released in February.


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