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[Progress Update] Beta Testing has Ended, New Build is Being Rolled Out in the Play Store


A huge thanks to everyone who tested the beta build and sent us their valuable feedback.

We have stopped the beta testing track and currently the new build is being rolled out to everyone in the play store in a phased manner. This production build has addition fixes and improvements over beta build, so beta testers are advised to get the new production build whenever they get this new update (should be fully rolled out in 2-3 days).

The future builds of the app will be ad-supported. Currently, the app maintenance has become a costly affair for us and in its current form, we are incurring losses. We may add advertisements in upcoming builds to compensate for this. We will keep ads as minimal and unobtrusive as possible to not to ruin the app. We need your cooperation in this regard as we cannot go on forever incurring losses and without any revenue model, the app may face a permanent shutdown in future.

Thanks for understanding. If you have any queries or bug reports, contact us through email address mentioned in the play store listing.


Unknown said...

So unfortunately the new release on the play store is not working. I had the Beta version (which operated with no issues), and now that I've updated to the latest version on the play store, the app immediately force closes. I tried uninstalling and re-installed the new version, but it's still failing to open.

Ubuntu Vibes said...

Please clear app data or do a fresh installation, it should work.

Ubuntu Vibes said...

Edit: Missed the second part of your comment. We will take a look, could you please share more details about your device?

Unknown said...

I have the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G with Verizon. Update: I have it working now, I tried re-installing again AND immediately cleared data, and re-opened, and now it is working.

Ubuntu Vibes said...

Ok, glad that it resolved for you.

Unknown said...

I always used the website to keep track of the apps that were free. Will this stil be possible?

Ubuntu Vibes said...

The website won't be updated with new lists anymore.

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