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Unity 8 Fork is Now Known as "Yunit", May Collaborate with UBports

In our recent article, we mentioned that many developers have shown interest in continuing development of Unity 8.

One such fork previously called "unity8org" has been renamed as Yunit. Development has already started and the devs are calling it a "community-driven Unity 8 fork".

Unity 8 has also been forked by UBports, which raised some question in Linux community about duplication of efforts and further fragmentation.

However, there is some clarification on this now. UBports team is exploring a possibility of collaborating with Yunit devs.

We are having conversations with them. They want more desktop focus while we have more mobile focus. Both projects benefit from the other’s work. Having two forks of Unity 8 makes no sense.
They also had a discussion live on youtube which you can watch from here


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