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Miro 4.0 Released : New Android Sync Feature, Music Stores, App Markets and More [Install from PPA]

Miro 4 has been released with a long list of new features and fixes. Miro with version 4.0 aims to be a complete media suite and has come a long way from a being podcast/digital content service. Probably the most exciting features are inclusion of Music and App Stores.

[Ubuntu 11.10 Updates] Ubuntu Classic No More an Option in GDM

Warning: The development cycle for Ubuntu 11.10 has started only few days back and most of the things are unstable and broken. DO NOT try Ubuntu 11.10 on your production system as it has not even reached Alpha 1 Milestone. In fact, I got a broken system after today's update as there are some issues with GDM and was greeted by this after I logged into Gnome session via recovery console:

Screenshots: Unity and Gnome 3 in Oneiric

This is follow up to our yesterday's post about the new Unico GTK3 theming engine in Oneiric. I will skip  providing instructions on installing the new Ambiance theme (based on Unico engine) as you will have to tweak lots of system settings using gsettings and dconf-editor. Also I think, sooner or later you will be able to change most of these settings from a GUI. 

New Version Released for 'Greedy Car Thieves', Getting Better and Better

Greedy Car Thieves has just reached a new version which brings many new features and fixes to this much anticipated Linux game. We covered this game in past and the response has been great within the Linux community. The game is heavily under development and these builds are test versions having multi-player mode at the moment.

Get the Best of Both Worlds,Your Own Alternative to the Default Unity Main Menu

There are many Ubuntu users who like Unity interface and its ability to optimize screen space. But the default main menu is a bit of pain as all the categories are hidden by default and it does not support wine menus. There is an application lens but it is way down at the bottom, not movable and most of the time it is folded as I pin lots of applications on Unity launcher.

New Game 'Family Farm' is Now Available in Ubuntu Software Center

Farming and Simulation game, Family Farm is now available in Ubuntu Software Center under applications available for purchase section. Few days back, we reported that soon Family Farm will be released in Ubuntu Software Center. Well, it is here now and the game is priced at $14.99.

Chrome is Taking Forever to Download Files? Use Steadyflow!

One of the main problems I face while using Chromium is that most of the time downloads break half way and I have to start from beginning. Also, the pause/resume function is poorly supported as it simply fails where Firefox perfectly pauses/resumes downloads with ease.

Exclusive Hands On Review : Steel Storm 'Burning Retribution' Released for Linux

Alexander Zubov from Kot-in-Action Creative Artel sent us the announcement news about availability of Steel Storm : Burning Retribution a.k.a Episode II on Steam, Desura, Ubuntu Software Center and Kot-in-Action e-Shoppe for the price of $9.99.

[Video] How to Install Minecraft in Ubuntu 11.04 and Add a Shortcut to Unity Launcher

This is essentially an update to our last posts about an excellent installation script for Minecraft written by AllocateB. We explained how to install Minecraft on your system and here is a video demonstration of it working in Unity desktop environment on 11.04.

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